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Diamond Jatt Lyrics: Mitha Jambewala has sung this the song, and has music by Crew Beats, while Monu Nangli has written the Diamond Jatt Song Lyrics. The music video of the Diamond Jatt song is Director by M Hundal, and it features Neha Sharma, Mitha Jambewalar.
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"Diamond Jatt" Song Info

Singer:Mitha Jambewala
Lyricist:Monu Nangli
Music:Crew Beats
Album:Diamond Jatt
Director:M Hundal
Cast:Neha Sharma, Mitha Jambewala
Music Label:47 Records

Diamond Jatt Lyrics

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Written by:
Monu Nangli


"Diamond Jatt" Video

Lyricsread FAQs:

Who wrote the lyrics of the "Diamond Jatt" song?
Monu Nangli written the lyrics of "Diamond Jatt". Monu Nangli is known for writing songs like Livin Wild, Solite Pare, and A Dangerous Thing.

Who is the singer of the "Diamond Jatt" song?
Mitha Jambewala have sung the song "Diamond Jatt". Mitha Jambewala is known for singing songs like Love Me More, Sacrifice, and Won't Stand Down.

Who Director "Diamond Jatt" music video?
M Hundal Director the music video of "Diamond Jatt".

Who has been featured in the "Diamond Jatt" music video?
Neha Sharma, Mitha Jambewala have been featured in the "Diamond Jatt" video.

Who gave the music in the "Diamond Jatt" song?
Crew Beats has given the music in the song "Diamond Jatt".

What Album the "Diamond Jatt" song is from?
The song "Diamond Jatt" is from the soundtrack album "Diamond Jatt".

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